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Liao, J., H. Sihler, L.G. Huey, J.A. Neuman, D.J. Tanner. H. Sihler, U. Friess, U. Platt, F.M. Flocke, J.J. Orlando, P.B. Shepson, H.J. Beine, A. Weinheimer, S. J. Sjostedt, J.B. Nowak, D. Knapp, (2010)  A comparison of Arctic BrO measurements by a chemical ionization mass spectrometer (CIMS) and a long path differential optical absorption spectrometer (LP-DOAS), J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos.


Knepp, T.N., P.B. Shepson, J.D. Fuentes, M.E. Baldwin, R.J. Salawitch, A. Richter, J. Liao, L.G. Huey, W.R. Simpson, J.W. Bottenheim (2010) Column BrO Events and the Relative Influence of the Troposphere and the Stratosphere, Geophys. Res. Lett.





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