Undergraduate research

Undergraduate students form a significant part of Dr. Huey’s research group.  Various research projects provide exciting opportunities for undergraduate students. Here are some highlights of present and past undergraduate researchers in Dr. Huey’s group.

Jeff Shook  (EAS)

-Summit, Greenland, 2010

-Grand Bay Mercury Project, 2010


Ian Henrich  (CHEM)

-In GT Lab in front of a CIMS instrument


Zack Luna  (PHYS)

-Summit, Greenland, 2010

Oscar Vargas (2005-2006) - Now at Toyota

-Mexico City, Mexico (MILAGRO), 2006

Jeff Peischel (2002-2004) - Now at NOAA Aeronomy Lab

-On the way to Summit, Greenland

Jessica Higgs (2001-2003 and 2005-2006)

Now at the Weather Channel

-In GT lab